Letter from the Editor

Volume no. 6, Winter



“Woodwinds” by Chad Simpson

“Pac-Man and Elvis Presley were listening to Ornette Coleman’s ‘The Shape of Jazz to Come’–on vinyl.” More »

“Pure Movement” by Zoe Harris

“She is not on stage, not even in her mind. This is somewhere solitary. No one should see.” More »

“Housewarming” by Kathleen Jones

“They drank the champagne straight and in gulps. Lucinda was on the radio, and thank God.” More »


Visual Arts


Backyard Morning

“The Good Life: Palm Springs” by Nancy Baron

024 001

“Flora Non Fauna” by Georgia Rhodes


“Nothing’s Cool” by Enoch Rios



“Swan/Not Swan” and “Solastalgia” by Kerri Webster

“in the dark I am not the dark.” More »

“Rehearsing the Unrehearable” and “Pushmi-Pullyu” by Michael David Madonick

“the gunning down the getting up the fighting another day HIGH NOON” More »

“A Good Quandary” by Amy Wright

“sun, Boo hums—a sawbuzz” More »

“Aristaeus, bildungsroman” by M. E. MacFarland

“to receive the fractal world, moonlit” More »





John Carr Walker – “Repairable Men”


Lee Martin – “The Long Light of Prose”



“Fishing on Ghana Man Time” by Leslie Roberson

“The fishing beach in Winneba is bounded by a river of sewage to the west and to the east by Poop Mountain.” More »

“Erasure” by Howard Skrill

“The last time that I visited the World Trade Center was probably in August, 2001.” More »



“Mara’s Daughter” by Khanh Ha

“‘I wish I could trade eleven years of my life for what you have.’ She looked up at the moon.” More »

“A Little Light Music” by Laura Legge

“Of course, I was embarrassed about the bicycles.” More »





Nicole Walker’s “Quench Your Thirst with Salt”

“Creative nonfiction essays connects the environmental history of Utah and Walker’s own stories.” More »