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A Good Quandary

by Amy Wright


                                          Brushed by a smoke fox
                                           of wiregrass
                                                 agrime with noon
                                          sun, Boo hums—a sawbuzz
                                             bumblebee, the plait of her
                                          voice two boards crossed
                                                        over a barred window
                                                               widowed from the road,
                                          high-ceiling chimneys charged with sonar.
                                                        Fill this pine-abutted soundscape
                                                        with song, or listen?
                                                                      Under the gutter
                                                           cochleae of fiddlehead ferns
                                                                                          await rain.
Native garden face shotAmy Wright is the Nonfiction Editor of Zone 3 Press, and the author of five chapbooks. Her work can also be found in Brevity, DIAGRAM, Drunken Boat, Quarterly West, Southern Poetry Anthology (Volumes III and VI), Tupelo Quarterly, and is forthcoming in CALYX and Kenyon Review.

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