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Vo. 7, Fall

Letter from the Editor




“We had terrible dreams where everything we’d ever lost was returned to us.”

Claire Wahmanholm, “The Pit” & more


“This is different / than sitting in a graveyard / at night but not / by much.”

Katy Chrisler, “We Make Still No Shapes but Silhouettes” & more


“You die so strange.”

Jamie O’Connell, “Birth”





Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, “Natur und Kunst”

Steven Petersheim, “Nature and Art”


Karl-Heinz Ott, “Ob wir wollen oder nicht”

Peter Woltemade, “Whether We Want to or Not”





“Everything is only what it is.”

Tim Raymond, “Scarecrow”


“#prom #whynot #surprise #dontpeek”

Hannah Thurman, “A Snowball’s Chance”


“Nadean touched her sailing boats, the dark water, soft sunsets.”

John Carr Walker, “The Armada”


“Not me.”

David Crouse, “Stupid Kid”


“We scream, like children.”

Lisa Lynn Biggar, “The Way It Was”



Visual Arts



Megumi Arai, “Still Movement”



Yashua Klos, “As Below, So Above”


Elsa Munoz

Elsa Munoz, “At the Table”


Allison Janae Hamilton

Allison Janae Hamilton, “Sweet Milk in the Badlands”





“You don’t understand air quotes or how to use them.”

Jade Freeman, “In Five Years’ Time”


“This is forever.”

Paul Vega, “In the Epoch of King Salmon”


“Do not, under any circumstances, ask.”

Sarah Kathryn Moore, “Verily, Verily”


“He could go deeper, transcend likeness.”

Chris Haven, “Terrible Emmanuel’s Likeness”


“Make a deal with the frog.”

Jeff Friedman, “Fairytale”


“Thinking of the baby is like touching an infected tooth.”

Leah Browning, “Friday Night at the Mermaid Inn”





“They’ve been in the bush a long time.”

Stephanie Bane, “Gristle”


“This is surely the moment when we would howl.”

Elyse A. Bekins, “Badwater Basin”


“These men hadn’t.”

Brodie Gress, “Skyscraping”


“I can’t go on without my ponies.”

D. J. Lee, “Ponies of Caldbeck Commons”





Katherine Karnow

Catherine Karnow


Leland Cheuk

Leland Cheuk






“The Evidence, So To Speak, Is Poetry.”

Sarah Boyer, “howard”