Last night, I dreamed tales of two past romantic partners, each with his new wife, offering me love and advice about how to succeed in finding my own perfect partner. This morning, I woke with new clarity about issues I had been contemplating in my real-time dating life. I’ve noticed a pattern in myself that at the beginning of every menstrual cycle, I have deep, vivid dreams that lead to palpable resolution of an issue in my life.

While lady hormones may wreak havoc upon women’s systems from time to time, they also provide benefits. Science backs my experience with problem resolution at the beginning of my period. Evidence in research suggests that the emotional effects on a woman by her lady hormones in the beginning of menses causes increased emotional processing in the brain. Exact hormone levels are as individual as we are, so greater investigation is required. Yet, there is a trend.

More specifically, science says this translates to exponentially greater removal of fear, strengthened amalgamation of emotional memories, and heightened emotional regulation. Ladies, can we get an amen for an evening out of some of the less pleasant menstrual symptoms that may come before or after the improved brain?

This knowledge can benefit all sexes. For women, if we are aware of this possibility, it may bring artistic inspiration besides brain benefits. It can help conflict resolution with our partners, heightened emotional peace and wisdom.

FullSizeRenderLauren Kronisch is a nutrition nerd by day, writer by night. With degrees in history and nutritional science, when she’s not counseling clients to eat a balanced diet, you’ll find her traveling the world’s mountaintops or chomping on dark chocolate while writing poetry, creative non-fiction, and nutrition articles.

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