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Reviews should consider at least one object of culture that has been recently published (within the last year) or is forthcoming. Please send work that is double-spaced, 500-5000 words in length, and includes a short author bio.

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Lords of St. Thomas by Jackson Ellis (March, 2018) Green Writer’s Press

Daphne And Her Discontents by Jane Rosenberg LaForge (2017) Ravenna Press

Wayfarers by Katrinka Moore (January, 2018) Pelekinesis

Krakow by Sean Akerman (January, 2018) Harvard Square Editions

Mock Trough Rasping Crow by Billy Cancel (January, 2018) BlazeVox

Eating the Worm by Ipsita Banerjee (November, 2017) ALTA Publishing

Reverend Flora by Diana Woodcock (December, 2017) Little Red Tree Publishing

Celadon by Ian Haight (November, 2017) Unicorn Press

A Wife is a Hope Chest by Christine Brandel (October, 2017), Brain Mill Press

The Princess of Herself by Roberta Allen (September, 2017) Pelekinesis

Mount Carmel & The Blood Of Parnassus by Anaïs Duplan (January, 2017) Monster House Press

Cosmovore by Kristi Carter (August, 2017) Aqueduct Press

These Are Our Demands by Matthew Pitt (June, 2017) Engine Books

Land of My Father’s War by Phyllis Meshulam (June, 2017) Cherry Grove Collections

Hawk on Wire by Scott T. Starbuck (May, 2017) Formite Press

Heading Home: Field Notes by Peter Anderson (March, 2017) Conundrum Press

Tremors by Gary Beck (March, 2017) Winter Goose Publishing

Stray by Adam Houle (March, 2017) Lithic Press

Ornament by Anna Lena Phillips Bell (March, 2017) University of North Texas Press

Professor Harriman’s Steam Air-Ship by Terese Svoboda (September, 2016) Eyewear Publishing

Night Vision by Claire Wahmanholm (November, 2017) New Michigan Press