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Vo. 8, Other Worlds




“We do the best we can, you know?”

Maya L. Kapoor, “The Most Beautiful Desert You’ve Never Seen”


stroke, slice, feather

Mollie Murray, “On Becoming a Birder”


“Don’t tell your mother.”

Charlotte Freccia, “Shotgun”





The Underground Railroad

“Whitehead offers no false promises, only the reassurance that the journey continues.”

Colson Whitehead, “The Underground Railroad”


Changing the Subject

“Much of what Birkerts describes, with generous eloquence, is an appreciation for, and waxing rhapsodic about, reading—one of the last strongholds against tech creep.”

Sven Birkerts, “Changing the Subject”


Madeline E.

“Blackwell’s engrossing assemblage makes profound suggestions about the dialectic relationship between the appreciation of art and the creation of it.”

Gabriel Blackwell, “Madeline E.”


It’s Best Not To Interrupt Her Experiments

“We are adrift in time and space, and yet we insist on playing house.”

Carlo Matos, “It’s Best Not To Interrupt Her Experiments”





“i.e. beware the parched, snapped branch
tossed against a mausoleum of grass, its
gesture of self-erasure in the Romantic sense
for which there’s no cure.”

Kara Candito, “To Save One Animal From Sickness” & more


“whoever came down / the sidewalk, shadow-casting & clumsy”

Monica Berlin, “Where” & more


“The devil pisses himself the family organ clangs”

Patrick Cantrell, “The Sun Yells Hallelujah on the Creek’s Skin”


“What bounces between oranges and owls shall be yours.”

Eva Skrande, “Aubade”





Aztec Codex, “Cantares Mexicanos, VII & IX”

David Bowles, “Songs of Mexico, VII & IX”


Diego Alfaro Palma, “Madriguera” & “Relatividad General”

Lucian Mattison, “Warren” & “General Relativity”





Sherrie Flick

Sherrie Flick


Margo Orlando Littell

Margo Orlando Littell


Anne Raeff

Anne Raeff





“She should.”

Jamie Wagman, “An Ode to Delmar”


“They were sure of tomorrow, demanded it as a human right.”

L. N. Holmes, “One Woman’s Junk”


“We clutch in the dark—strangers, lovers, babies. All hungry.”

Chelsea Covington Maass, “Refuge”


“If I were a cleaner in Japan.”

Cathy Ulrich, “The Scent of Kodokushi”


“Still making do.”

David Mohan, “Walking in the City at Noon”





“God has a really ironic sense of humor sometimes, doesn’t He.”

Daniella Levy, “Shattered Glass”


My pain will be yours.

J. Lee Strickland, “The Turning of Pesh Thanat”


“Do you trust me?”

Maryah Converse, “Trusting Sayf”


“The road’s ending!”

George August Meier, “Speeding, Vodka, Malcolm, and Rich”



Visual Arts


Rebecca Marino

Rebecca Marino, “The Best Available Evidence”


David O' Brien

David O’ Brien, “In the Garden of Externalities”


Bethany Johnson

Bethany Johnson, “Notes”


Samantha Parker Salazar

Samantha Parker Salazar, “Carnage Garden”