(from “Geology of Nova Scotia” by Martha Hickman Hild & Sandra Barr)

Sean Howard


1. The Hawk

Thought: hawked
              world? (Sandbar-
                            codes.) Law

tide. (Science? Partial
              Arts.) ‘Empire,’ the
                            process that took

Place. (‘Main problem?’
              When the detailed look
                            at the simple
.) ‘

Slow melt’ – many folds, kinks
              & swirls…
‘Clinical’ –
                            hawk eye, cut


2. Peggys Cove

The Cartesian I
              con. (Avalon –
                            closer, no

signs…) The child app-
              roaching infinity. (
                            Shops, ‘the

normal tide…’) Museum,
              Indian harbour? 20th

horses to bits… (Lab:
              Swiss air.) Light,
                            God’s self-


3. Black Duck Cove

‘Ocean closing’ – re-
              ligion, Amen-

map?) Poetry: yellow
. (Contour-
                            ists.) Patched

Adam. (Aphrodite, air-
) Ode
                            kill. (Black-

board, ducks in a
.) The Goddess-
                            es? Blood-



Sean Howard Author PhotoSean Howard is the author of “Local Calls” (Cape Breton University Press, 2009) and “Incitements” (Gaspereau Press, 2011). His poetry has been widely published in Canada and elsewhere, and anthologized in “The Best Canadian Poetry in English” (Tightrope Books, 2011 & 2014).