First Arrow

by Brandi George

Antlers hook pine
Snake sifting shade
Prism, o teeth, cave

Spectral winter spine
Bark, dead now, mine
Red pine, blade

Bolted eye, maze
Blood leaf, alive
Wake cell hive

Sun green rage
Muscle bow brace
Prism, o teeth, rise




by Brandi George

Plasma amen
Helios fire hymn

Forests swim
Crushed trillium

Chrysalis, give me
Aorta venom

Lung dawn
Dark stung home



Brandi George Author PhotoBrandi George grew up in rural Michigan. Poems from her first collection of poetry, “Gog” (Black Lawrence Press, 2015), appeared in “Gulf Coast,” “Prairie Schooner,” “Ninth Letter,” “Columbia Poetry Review,” and “The Iowa Review.” She currently resides in Tallahassee, where she is a PhD candidate at Florida State University.

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