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Vo. 6, Issue 3

Letter from the Editor




“The doctor held up two twigs. One was me and the other looked like my twin.”

Meg Pokrass, “Iris” & “All Beasts Are People” Read »


“The powers will tell us when to talk about race.”

Daniel Shapiro, “New Ending: Tootsie (1982)” & more Read »


“It was the opposite of an orgasm, imploding rather than exploding.”

Tatiana Ryckman, “Love BM” Read »


“I slept well for some hours but it was that time of year when that’s all you can ask for.”

Ashwin Parulkar, “Two on the Floor” Read »


Visual Arts


Michael Mira

Michael Mira, “If You Find Love” More »


Peter Croteau

Peter Croteau, “Unnatural Wonders” More »




“Because you are great I can say this:”

Ariana-Sophia Kartsonis & Stephanie Rogers, “We Throw Hissy Fits in a Heartbeat” & more Read »


“comes down to you both, all the way.”

Ezra Dan Feldman, “Lower Under” Read »


“All of your charity hibernating.”

Anne Babson, “Montana” Read »





“I never again performed an act of sex while wearing a heart monitor.”

David Hebestreit, “Waiting” Read »


“Something about traveling, picking up, moving on, became my identity—my ‘I am.’”

Richard Moore, “The Places Inside” Read »





Lori Ostlund

Lori Ostlund, “After the Parade”


Laurie Foos

Laurie Foos, “The Blue Girl”




“His father might poison himself, but he’d go out on his own terms.”

Richard Farrell, “Sidewinder Valley” Read »


“In Kaan’s pictures of Istanbul, half the women don’t cover themselves.”

Kenan Orhan, “The Festival of Bulls” Read »


“His watch reads 4:20. ‘Talk about a sign from God.’”

Rachel Richardson, “Carry My Bones Up From This Place” Read »


“If you ask me, he looks right natural.”

James William Gardner, “Sitting Up with the Dead” Read »




A Brief History of Yes

“So that, yes, here are the two lovers again.”

Micheline Marcom, “A Brief History of Yes” Read »


Travelers Rest

“Life in small, remote towns where people cannot seem to get away.”

Keith Lee Morris, “Travelers Rest” Read »