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Letter from the Editor

Vo. 6, Spring – “Domesticity”




David James Poissant’s “Stealing Orlando”

“Delia wanted to fuck Orlando Bloom.” More »


Adam O’Fallon Price’s “Together”

“Neither one of them believed in love at first sight.” More »


Anna Barto’s “Down in Mexico”

“In the hot dark, she let herself go.” More »


Jerry Mullins’s “Town Christmas”

“In these small towns, you just never know.” More »






Mary Akers – “Where Stories Meet the Sea”



Glen Erler – “Family Tree”




“Of Love and Other Dogs” by Mollie Murray

“If you’re thinking this is about possession, it is not.” More »


“The Café of Dreams” by Elena Kua

“A noisy concourse of life, vigor, and survival dares me to survive.” More »


“The House on Congress Street” by Amy Yelin

“A spider’s web is its home.” More »


“Keys to a Beautiful Heart” by Sion Dayson

“I must have touched a grand animal’s tusks.” More »


“A Moment of Grace” by Steve Wineman

“We structured the separation so the disruption to our son would be minimal.” More »


“Four O’Clocks” by Ashley Campbell

“A flower that blooms with dying light is easy to grow, hard to kill.” More »


Visual Arts


Backyard Morning

Glen Erler’s “Family Tree”

Laurel Shear

Laurel Shear’s “Between the Sheets”




Anthony Varallo’s “Room History”

“The children sleep in their old rooms. Will their parents separate?” More »


Bryce Emley’s “Smaller Fires”

“Below the signature was a dark smudge of what must have been cigarette ash.” More »


Danielle Susi’s “Houseboat”

“I took Jimmy once to look at the houseboats.” More »




“[You be the canary, I’ll be the coal]” and others by Jennifer Moore

“Like a good celibate, I ride the cymbal high.” More »


“Twenty-Five” and “Forgetfulness, Apology, Forgetfulness” by Jane Wong

“I did say loathe.” More »


“Three Poems” by Gala Mukomolova

“the sea lion surfacing again and again.” More »





Marc Dugain’s “Avenue of the Giants”

“The percentage of born killers is very small.” More »


Where the North Sea Touches Alabama

Allen C. Shelton’s “Where the North Sea Touches Alabama”

“Shelton navigates the regions of personal narrative, eulogy, and critical study.” More »



Tatiana Ryckman’s “Twenty-Something”

“Ryckman characterizes the best and worst decade of your life.” More »



Eleanor Lerman’s “Radiomen”

“Everything was the same, except it was not. And what was not, was me.” More »