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Volume no. 5 – Fall


Welcome to our latest web issue of Newfound. Easily our best ever. And the hardest to web format. These writers seriously push the limits of form into experimental territory while arriving at the nearest subject in the world—home.

M.E.’s picks! (Who says I can’t?):

Okay, so I know what you’ve been thinking. Web issue? Is there any other incarnation of the journal in existence??

No. Not until this winter.

Ya! We’re venturing into print this December. I can hear you quaking with anticipation. Seriously, stop shaking so much. Your downstairs neighbors are going to start complaining or someone might call an ambulance, and how awkward would that be?

Say you love us. Call sometime. Or write us a poem about it on Facebook or Twitter.

Until then, we’ll keep the light on.


Daniel Levis Keltner, Managing Editor

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