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Anne Wallace

2-channel video
4:18 minutes


In 2004, Anne Wallace was chosen for the International-Artists-In-Residence program at Artpace for which she traveled the 2000-mile US-Mexico border from coast to coast, filming many hours of material and interviewing strangers to produce “El otro lado,” a video and surround sound installation.

“Gulf” is edited from footage shot at that time. In order to film the Rio Grande flowing downriver into the Gulf of Mexico—the eastern end of the border—Wallace rented a small plane. As she held a mini DV camera above her head to shoot through a window, the pilot flew along the edge of the enormous ring of warm, muddy water entering the cool, blue gulf. Wallace notes that the resulting image seemed mysterious, as if they had been traveling the edge of an eclipse.

Wallace employs art, environmental and human rights strategies in her examination of shared histories lost, reframed and found again: in an inner city neighborhood, a family, an urban park, a restored grassland, the border, the American West.

AWallace_Head Shot_2511Anne Wallace grew up in a Texas ranching family, was raised on the Gulf Coast, and worked in Central Mexico and on the US/Mexico border for many years. She is the creator of two film festival documentaries, “El otro lado” and “Un Mundo Raro/A Strange World,” as well as numerous public art projects.

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