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We Built This City

Volume no. 4 – Fall

Who is your city? How do you choose which city represents you best? Maybe it’s the home of your favorite team. Or the location of your happiest moments on Earth. Or the place of your dreams. Maybe it chose you—your old hometown.

On April 15th, we became a Texas nonprofit. Most of our editors and staff live in the Austin area, graduates of the MFA program at Texas State University, and we are proud to call Newfound Journal born and raised in Austin, Texas.

For those with wanderlust, answering the question isn’t easy. Why pick one? I like to believe a person can be represented by two or more cities. Or maybe your heart absorbs bits of every city you contact, amoeba like? If so, you and our fall issue have much in common.

In Newfound Journal 4.3, we are thrilled to publish new poems by Guggenheim Fellow Kathleen Peirce, fiction by Brian Evenson, nonfiction by Brad Tyer, and visual arts by Janet Echelman, and so much more. Working on a novel or memory-induced work? Our interview with critic and novelist Caleb Crain is a must read.

Not enough Newfound for you? Our first annual poetry contest is still raging. The Oct. 15th deadline leaves you two weeks to win our $1000 prize decided by our judge, Rachel Eliza Griffiths. Poets, get in the game.

Nonprofit? New issue? Poetry contest? Oh, yes.

Are we doing something right? Consider making a tax-deductible donation to support this project. Or shoot us a letter (criticism or praise—we’re workshop hardened; we can take it). Or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter. Still not enough? We’ll see you at the AWP 14 Conference this year (more info to come next issue—Dec. 22nd).

Until then,

Daniel Levis Keltner, Managing Editor

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