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Defining Mountains

Sara Marjorie Strick



3D objects of grand proportions and symbols of the sublime, mountains are yet confined in photography by flat, two-dimensional space. In her series, “Defining Mountains,” Sara Strick teases these conventions of nature photography, making for a challenging experience of landscape.

Created in a studio environment, “Defining Mountains” marks a radical departure from the work of traditional landscape photography. After appropriating images from Flickr under the creative commons license, Strick re-photographed them using techniques that speak to different photographic methods, such as color gels and harsh lighting. Again, departing from landscape tradition, Strick shot intuitively and spontaneously.

The series also acts as a critique of how we look at pictures. By amplifying the relationship between landscape relief and the three-dimensionality of created photographic space, these images call attention to how space is constructed physically—by the artist—and mentally—by the viewer. These alterations challenge a typical experience of landscapes and serve as a new translation between landscape and pictorialism.

Sara Marjorie Strick is a fan of green tea, music that makes her dance, and orca whales. When not taking photos, she works at a local camera store. Let her take your picture.

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