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Autumn in the West

Volume no. 3 – Fall

With this issue, we say farewell to Gwynne Middleton, whose departure from the journal will allow her to devote more time to writing fiction. If you have read Newfound over the last three years, you have encountered her eclectic vision, her contagious spirit, and her indomitable passion for art, creativity, and the environment. As one of the founding editors of the journal, Gwynne was a guiding force for our collective vision. She will remain our very good friend and will be missed.

Gwynne has always been an unflagging advocate for the American west. For her, inspiration resides in everything the land represents, especially to the curious and inexorable human spirit. Between desert and water, mountain and wildlife, humanity and humility, relationships are crucial. Many of our contributors in this first themed issue explore the intimate and sometimes difficult relationships between humans and the American west. Significantly, these writers and artists resist definitions. For them the west has not been “won” and never could be. Nor is such domination desirable. Beneath the noisy, saber-rattling ideologies that once fueled our manifest destiny is a dynamic landscape of ineffable power. Beckoning through mile-high thunderheads, red rock canyons, and pungent sage, the west is a synesthetic voice. A transit for inner adventure. A calling, but one that is palpable, tangible, and concrete. With this voice in mind, we dedicate this issue to you, Gwynne.

Eric Stottlemyer, Managing Editor


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