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Other Spaces

Maysey Craddock



Maysey Craddock’s work references objects and spaces that continue their slow transformation after they’ve been abandoned. Rooted on the edges of our world, these thin spaces quietly pulse with a kind of murmuring remembrance. Her paintings seek to reflect the narrative of this transition.

The images in this body of work originate in the crossroads between culture’s traces and nature’s reclamation—a palimpsest at the edges of civilization. These other spaces, liminal and ephemeral, are markers of a landscape of change and of the traces of experience that remain in the world. They are like pieces of mirror, reflecting chased dreams and those forgotten along the way.

Images courtesy Nancy Margolis Gallery, Cris Worley Fine Arts, and David Lusk Gallery.

Jenn Brandt 2012Maysey Craddock lives and works in Memphis, Tennessee. Craddock received her BA in 1993 from Tulane University and her MFA in 2003 from Maine College of Art. Her work has appeared in group and solo exhibitions across the United States and in Germany.

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