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The Molt

Jared Stanley

[audio:https://newfound.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/The-Molt.mp3|titles=”The Molt” by Jared Stanley]  
Some say
dictionary pages ravaged by gusts
spit out their waking use—

I ask
what else among us will be loosened?

and divide the life
business of hearts
by rubbing my head on a rock.

Some say
scratch your cheek with your index finger
to indicate the absence of mind
while walking the onrushing hours.

In my wet wings,
I crawl them absently
rub my skin on objects.


Jared Stanley is the author of “Book Made of Forest” and the forthcoming “The Sun the Sun the Sun,” both with Salt Publishing. He edits Mrs. Maybe, a Journal of Skeptical Occultism, and lives in Reno, Nevada.


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