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Lost Faces

Aislinn Leggett



“Lost Faces” elicits memory from images of the past. Each piece creates a fictitious moment through compiled photographs of the artist’s ancestors and of strangers whose pictures have been forgotten or discarded.

By resurrecting the captured moments and by contemplating the past and relationships formed through land, memory, and family, the ephemeral moments root themselves to the fragmented pieces of the newly created photograph. The smiles and sorrows are suspended in a ghostly state, half here and half there, waiting to be rediscovered within these created landscapes.

The images constructed claim not to recreate a specific moment or a specific time or space but aim, instead, to incite the viewers’ subconscious to reminisce about their own ancestral photographs, history, and visual memories.

Aislinn Leggett is a photo-based artist currently living and working in Montreal. “Lost Faces” has recently been published in “Front Line: Interviews with International Contemporary Photo-based Artists” by Beijing Modern Press and was recently exhibited at the Pingyao International Photography Festival in China.

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