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Chris Glomski

At times it all functions like
one engrossing infomercial     To say it
that way is to gain surprising
acceptance even if
one’s done little more than mingle
about, mentioning things     And yet doing
so is the cause of our pleasure
just as the vase or candlestick is really
two faces gazing one into the other     The words
least of all remain the same     Arcimboldo’s
are whispered into the upturned ear
of a large, edible fungus     Constellations
reside in a swaying tavern
sign or blinking sawhorse
where the sidewalk is out

Chris Glomski is the author of “The Nineteenth Century,” which will be published by The Cultural Society in 2011. A chapbook, “Eidolon,” was issued by Answer Tag Home Press in October 2008. His poems, translations, and critical writings have appeared in Notre Dame Review, The Octopus, Chicago Review, Jacket, and elsewhere. He lives in Chicago.

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