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Wolf Cento

Simone Muench

You hear things. I see them.
In the forest of hours I lie back,
drain off with the sunset. This land
is my petrified rose on a rosetree
of bone. You’re a long clause,
the silent wolf whose tracks
go endlessly in a straight line
in factories, in sea, on nameless islands
where I travel your body like the world.
I love your inexorable intent.

We hum, dizzy, landscape folding
the forest like an unpublishable manuscript.
Which of us is writing this page I don’t know—
No history or myth has ever made us an offer
like this: the sun’s last will, pomegranate,
wheat, tree flash of lake-light. We are seen
in what we see, & sweet meat.

Attribution List:
[Paavo Haavikko, Boris Pasternak, Fritzi Harmsen van Beek, Robert Marteau, Gabriela Mistral, Tamura Ryuichi, Ibaragi Noriko, Octavio Paz, Sándor Csoóri, Rutger Kopland, Jorge Borges, Tomas Venclova, Feng Chih, Alfred Corn, Charles Wright]  

Simone Muench is the author of “The Air Lost in Breathing,” “Lampblack & Ash,” “Orange Crush,” and the forthcoming “Disappearing Address,” co-written with Philip Jenks. Currently, she is working on a manuscript in collaboration with pre-existing texts called “The Wolf Centos.” She directs Lewis University’s writing program and is an editor for Sharkforum.

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