Who We Are


Newfound in a 501(c)(3) nonprofit publisher that fosters an exciting community of readers. We welcome inquiries from publishers, writing programs, galleries, and more, and general inquiries from agencies and artists. We look forward to working with you to create a sponsorship opportunity in our online or print editions.

For more information, please contact:

Jennifer Taylor, Public Relations
pr [at] newfound [dot] org


  • Newfound (online issue): Our house-standard (300 x 250) content sidebar ad, $20/issue cycle (~2.5 months) or $20/summer interim (~6.5 months)
  • Newfound (print issue): $30/full page, $16/half page, $50/spread
  • Ad design: $25/ad

Fees aid Newfound’s mission through the arts, events, and cultural inquiry.


Ad Reservations 10/1
Materials Due 10/15
Release Date 12/1
Ad Reservations 8/1
Materials Due 8/15
Release Date 10/1
Ad Reservations 10/15
Materials Due 10/30
Release Date 12/21
Ad Reservations 1/15
Materials Due 1/30
Release Date 3/20


We have a cross-platform circulation of over 71,000 in over 36 countries .

Standards & Policies:

We reserve the right to reject advertising that we consider contrary to Newfound’s mission or objectionable. This includes but is not limited to advertisements that discriminate based on the grounds of race, color, sex, gender, age, sexuality, religion, national origin, or disability, and advertisements for products, services, or promotions that are illegal. Ads may be refused, edited, and discontinued at any time without prior notification. All advertising is subject to review by Newfound staff to determine if the advertisement meets our standards of acceptability. The advertisers or agency agree to assume full and complete responsibility and liability for the content (which includes text representation, illustrations, photographs, and copyrights) for any ads placed in Newfound Journal or Hothouse Magazine. We will not print stories, images, or free notices as part of any advertising arrangement. All political and cause advertisements must carry the information required by law (e.g., Paid Political Committee for John Doe, Treasurer). All political ads will receive our standard rate and must be paid in advance.

Composition, artwork, and photography produced by Newfound becomes the property of Newfound and may not be used or reproduced in any other publication or medium without the consent of the Executive Editor. Please email to request that a copy of your ad be sent to another publication and to inquire about compensation rates.

Proofs will be provided, on request only, for ads that are created by Newfound. Proofs will be faxed or emailed as a PDF. Please make any needed corrections and return by the deadline given for quick turnaround. If changes are needed, another proof will be provided, if requested. Make goods or price adjustments will be considered only for errors that were Newfound’s fault and for which corrections were given by deadline, and that lessen the effectiveness of the total ad message. Make goods or price adjustments for errors cannot exceed the original cost of the ad. Newfound will be responsible for only the first insertion of incorrect copy. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to notify Newfound within 5 business days of an incorrect ad. We will not adjust the price of an ad for simple typographical errors or misprints that do not lessen the value of the ad. Newfound assumes no responsibility for the exclusion of any ad, or for any error above the actual value of the actual space occupied by such error. Newfound is not responsible for errors in ads that are submitted after deadline, when the customer has approved a proof, or when the customer has provided copy containing errors. Advertising is rarely accepted later than the stated deadlines. Late copy is accepted only if space is available and with the understanding that we will not provide a proof and will assume no responsibility for errors in advertising.

You may cancel your ad prior to deadline at no charge, but after deadline Newfound will charge 50% of the ad’s space. If an ad that has been paid for in advance is canceled before deadline, a credit to the account, rather than a refund, will be given. If an ad that has been paid for in advance is canceled after deadline, no refund or credit to the account will be given. Rates, terms and policies are subject to change with 30 days notice.

Payment Terms

All advertising rates are net and non-commissionable. All advertising must be paid in advance. New ads will not be allowed until payment is made in full for the total amount. If Newfound employs the services of attorneys or an outside collection agency in order to assist with payment collection, the additional charges will be added to the total due. Credit card, check, and money order are acceptable methods of payment.